Dahlia dress : two-piece ensemble featuring delicate liquid chiffon

Dhs. 6,500.00 AED
By Marmiz



Elegance Redefined: Dahlia Dress - Exquisite Two-Piece Ensemble

Introducing the Dahlia Dress, an unparalleled two-piece ensemble that exudes sophistication and charm. The delicate top, crafted from luxurious liquid chiffon, showcases intricate details, adorned with beautiful black velvet oval shapes that can be artfully tucked around the waistline, creating a visually stunning effect. The bottom dress, made from premium satin, features an off-shoulder design and a flowing maxi length, combining soft fabric with intricate design elements to provide both comfort and style.

Versatile Glamour for Every Occasion: From captivating night dresses for women to chic fashion dresses and versatile long dresses, the Dahlia Dress epitomizes versatility. Effortlessly transition from casual chic to refined elegance, ensuring you stand out at diverse events.

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