The Brand

Marmiz is a luxury fashion brand that takes its cues from modern design, architecture, and geometry to create high-end ready-to-wear clothing. The label is targeted towards women who are confident, driven, and unafraid to speak their minds.
Marmiz prides itself on its commitment to producing well-crafted and meticulously designed garments, encouraging consumers to appreciate and adopt this level of quality and attention to detail. The brand is based in Dubai, a cosmopolitan city that provides a strategic advantage in the Gulf market while still catering to a diverse global audience.
Headquartered in Dubai, a cosmopolitan city that puts us at first in a leading position in the Gulf market , yet considering the global customers.


With her extensive background in the lifestyle industry, an unwavering attention to detail, a strong ability to influence others, and a boundless passion for creativity, the talented designer felt compelled to pursue her dream of venturing into the world of fashion. To turn this dream into reality, she sought out the best training available and enrolled in the highly prestigious London College of Fashion in the United Kingdom.

Drawing inspiration from her own personal style and moods, as well as the evolving needs and wants of contemporary women, the Marmiz brand has emerged as a reflection of this designer's unique vision. The label is known for its innovative takes on traditional tailoring, as well as its distinguished dresses that incorporate signature cuts, prints, and unexpected color palettes, all crafted from premium materials.

"I'm truly passionate about empowering women to feel confident, determined, and free to express themselves" the designer shares. "It's incredibly rewarding to see my work make a positive impact on the lives of the women who wear it"

- Mariam Said