We chose slow fashion

Slow fashion encourages sustainable practices, as well as ethical working conditions, focuses on quality and longevity while standing up for both nature and people.

Our Fashion is Slow but STRONGER 

 Slow fashion is purposeful and intentional , holistic and considers the whole product lifecycle. We are a big believers in slow fashion,  quality instead of quantity , garments that can last years or even a lifetime.

 The impact of slow fashion on environment 

Reduced consumption naturally ensures that we minimize our ecological footprint. Slow fashion helps us save resources, lower our CO2 emissions and thus make a smaller impact on the environment and climate change . 

Slow fashion is the future

It focuses on more sustainable practices, including the usage of better-quality materials for longer use and using eco-friendly inks for print, and a slowing-down of manufacturing. Slow fashion items promise durable, functional, stylish and sustainable clothing for mindful consumers. Slow fashion is a personal choice.

Our strategy to achieve the “slow fashion”

As a promising brand we are doing our best to becomes a sustainable trade mark in the fashion world , so here some steps we are considering in our production process : 

-Some of our designs are made from  sustainable fibres.

-To be  transparent about our  production process.

-The styles we offer are timeless pieces; high quality, with open eye on trends.

-The brand has few new collection or styles individually  releases each year.

-We work with manufacturers that are ethically responsible towards their staff.

-Recycle all materials and sample fabrics and reuse them to design new garments in the development process.

-We are not using real fur in our brand.