Dolman Flora

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Enchanting Green Hue: Dolman Flora - A Vision of Elegance

Indulge in the allure of the Dolman Flora in green, a captivating ensemble designed to grace your moments with elegance. This maxi dress boasts a meticulously crafted silhouette, embracing the body with sophistication, featuring refined dolman sleeves and a secure back fastening. Crafted from opulent crepe, this exclusive piece is adorned with intricate 3D flower accents, a testament to its exquisite allure.

Impeccable Style for Every Occasion: Discover the versatility of this green dress, a harmonious blend of sophistication and charm, perfect for diverse occasions. Whether you seek refined night dresses for women, elegant long dresses for special gatherings, or sophisticated party dresses for women, the Dolman Flora stands as a seamless choice. Elevate your style quotient with this enchanting attire.

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Refined Details for Flawless Elegance: The model showcased wearing size XS offers a reference point, while our detailed size guide ensures a perfect fit for your stature and style preference. Experience flawless elegance that effortlessly embraces your grace and resonates with your personal taste.

Notes :

-Model wearing XS size .

-Check size guide for a perfect fit. 

Fabric Composition

European crepe 100% PL

Care Guide

Dry clean only